Why is Dispute Resolution Needed?

DISPUTE RESOLUTION is directed towards reaching solutions.  While past circumstances may be mentioned, dispute resolution is not focused on analysis of the past; it is future oriented.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION produces creative solutions “owned” by the participants.  Participants develop and agree to the solutions themselves.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION creates a sense of involvement and satisfaction for the participants.  There are no losers.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION is a time saver.  Many problems can be resolved in three hours.  Even disputes which take several sessions before resolution are more productive and less exhausting than other methods of problem solving.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION allows for continued relationships.  Because participants feel successful and dignity is preserved, people can continue to live and work together after a dispute.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION can help parties avoid the extremes of firing, resignation, on-going quarrels, separation or litigation.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION once modeled, allows participants to practice more effective problem-solving on their own.