Youth Facilitators


Mr. Hamilton has been a devoted Youth Peace Facilitator, contributing 9 years of invaluable service with promise of more to come. Mr. Hamilton is a man of solid principle and one who changes or fixes whatever he believes needs attention. He has made recommendations to the Youth Programme which are currently a part of the system, namely: follow-up sessions for students, one-on-one reasoning sessions and analyzing the inter-connectivity of a child’s functions within his/her main environments (home, school and community).



Mrs. La Georgia Brown-Daley is a valuable member of our team at the Dispute Resolution Foundation. She is a favourite among many of the students that we serve, as well as a revered member by the staff members. Apart from her warm and cheerful demeanor, she gains favour among the staff due to her wide skill set. Mrs. Brown-Daley is a: certified Mediator (trained by the Dispute Resolution Foundation), trained Early Childhood Educator, administrator, keynote speaker, youth peace facilitator, project manager, community builder and has served as a Principal. Someone of Mrs. Brown-Daley’s ilk is very hard to find, and most lack her desire and commitment to her work.



Mr. Leon Thompson is a senior member of our staff at the Dispute Resolution Foundation Peace Centre. He serves as a Youth Peace Facilitator and is often shown gratitude by the students and their families for his work in steering them away from a wasteful or criminal life. His duties as a Youth Peace Facilitator include: