Mediation in Our World

The Dispute Resolution Foundation has worked in the following territories doing sensitization, training mediators, conducting workshops or consulting with government agencies on appropriate methods of introducing ADR in the territories.  Provided hereunder is an update on developments in ADR and, in particular Mediation, within the region.


  • Mediation Council of Trinidad & Tobago
  • Chambers of Commerce & Industry & ADR Services
  • *Hugh Wooding Law School Legal Aid Centre – Mediation
  • *Alternatives to Custody Group – Mediation
  • *Community Mediation Centres& Family Court – state-funded
  • Legislation
  • UWI – Masters Programme with University of Denver
  • Privately trained mediators


  • Privately trained & sensitized mediators& attorneys
  • Legislation
  • *Final year ADR Seminar, UWI Faculty of Law, Barbados
  • *Caribbean Law Institute Seminars
  • Working with Chief Justice on Mediation in the Supreme Court


  • Private mediation providers
  • Branch – CIArb
  • *Eugene Dupuch Law School Training of Mediators


  • Working with Irish organizations Concern Worldwide &GlencreeCentre for Peace Research
    • Consultation
    • Mediation Training
    • Establishment of Haiti Institute for Peace Building
    • Restorative Justice practices & processes
    • Linking to Haitian civil, commercial & criminal justice structures


  • *Sensitization& training of the Bar and other Mediators
  • *USAID-GDCCR Project
  • Training for Guyana High Court in rural areas


  • *Environmental mediation conducted by Dispute Resolution Foundation
  • *Manual produced
  • *Certification of Family Court Mediators

 OECS (St. Lucia, Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, St. Kitts/Nevis, Dominica)

  • New Rules of the Supreme Court
  • *CIDA Complementary Measures Consultation and Project
  • *Caribbean Law Institute – Judicial Seminar


The Jamaican Bar Association founded DISPUTE RESOLUTION FOUNDATION which, supported by the Ministry of Justice, has developed and supported programmes in advocacy, training and services and worked with many organizations and groups including:

  • UN Women Fund for Gender Equality – BWA/DRF “The Way Out “ Project
  • Jamaica Social Investment Fund/Inner City Basic Services Project
  • JSIF/JAVA Fund – Young Man NuhLinga
  • EU/DRF “We Want Justice” Project
  • Social Conflict & Legal Reform Project (CIDA Funded programme)
  • Citizen Security & Justice Programme (MNS/IDB funded)
  • Consultancy & other services to Ministry of Justice
  • UNICEF – Conflict Resolution as a Solution- Creating Safe Places for Learning
  • Norman Manley Law School Mediation & Negotiation training
  • Court Connected Mediation – see :
    • The Judicature Resident Magistrates Court (Amendment) Rules, 1999
    • Criminal Justice (Reform) (Amendment) Act, 2001
    • Part 74Civil Procedure Rules of the Supreme Court(implemented January 2007)

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